• Grilles sliced meat and dips
  • Different types of sushi
  • Interior, table ready for guests
Ichiban Logo

About us

'Ichiban' translates to 'number one' in Japanese, and with our unique selection of bento boxes, bulgogi, and specialty sushi rolls, you could say our restaurant is aptly named.

Blending a delicious fusion of both Japanese and Korean cuisines, we implore you to wander a bit off the beaten path with your palate. Before every memorable dining experience though, you'll be greeted by our beautiful and calming Koi pond. Want a fully authentic experience? Then you definitely need to order some hot sake or a Sapporo with your meal. Whatever dish you choose, we invite you to enjoy Austin’s original Tatami-style dining experience.

Our Menu

At Ichiban, our expert chefs make a use of only high-quality and fresh ingredients to serve a variety of dishes that include a wide range of delicious sushi rolls, sashimis, nigiris, signature rolls, yakusobas, and much more. We also offer our Bento boxes and sushi combos for lunch and a bar with plenty of beer, wine, and sake options. With our koi pond and welcoming atmosphere, we're always more than ready to serve you mouthwatering food. Come in today for a delightful meal or order now for pick-up and delivery!